Chestnut Gateau Recipe

Chestnut Gateau Recipe

Ingredients: Serves 4-6

225 g/8 oz/2 cups plain (semi-sweet) chocolate
30 ml/2 tbsp milk
430 g/1 large can of unsweetened chestnut puree (paste)

100 g/4 oz/1 cup flaked (slivered) almonds
15 ml/1 tbsp brandy
Oil, for greasing
150 ml double (heavy) cream, whipped
30 ml/2 tbsp coarsely grated chocolate


Break up the chocolate and place in a pan with the milk. Heat gently, stirring, until the chocolate has melted. Whisk in the chestnut puree, flaked almonds and brandy. Spoon into an oiled 18 cm/7 in loose-bottomed cake tin (pan) and level the surface. Chill overnight until firm. Remove from the tin and smother with whipped cream. Decorate with grated chocolate before serving.

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