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What better way to finish off a meal than with one of the tantalizing desserts. So treat yourself to any one of these tempting dessert recipes and indulge in one of life's great pleasures.....!!!


Gateau Gallery Desserts Recipes

Gateau Gallery Desserts Recipes

Every dessert cake you've ever wanted to make from Devil's Food Cake to Gateau St Honore, and every rich, gooey, tantalizing treat in between.

  1. Gateau St Honore

  2. Gateau Paris-Brest

  3. Gateau Mercedes

  4. Chocolate Biscuit Gateau

  5. Gateau Pithiviers

  6. Summer Raspberry Gateau

  7. Austrian Coffee Cake

  8. Coffee Cream Charlotte

  9. Orange Gingernut Log

  10. Jamaican Charlotte

  11. Carrot and Apricot Roll

  12. Pineapple Slice

  13. Chip Cookie Gateau

  14. Caribbean Slab

  15. Nut Torte

  16. Sachertorte

  17. Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

  18. Apple and Cinnamon Torte

  19. Chestnut Gateau

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