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What better way to finish off a meal than with one of the tantalizing desserts. So treat yourself to any one of these tempting dessert recipes and indulge in one of life's great pleasures.....!!!


Pies and Tarts Recipes

Pies and Tarts Recipes

Here's an exciting range of crisp, light, melt-in-the-mouth pastries with glorious sweet fillings. Take your pick from these double-crust pies and single-crust tarts, desserts large enough to feed a family or delicate individual servings. Whether served hot or cold, there's a pudding here for every occasion.

  1. Almond Apple Tart

  2. American Apple Pie

  3. Apple Turnover Tart

  4. Apricot and Ginger Tart

  5. Baked Tart

  6. Bakewell Tart

  7. Boxing Day Pie

  8. Caramel Pear Pizza Pie

  9. Cheddar Apple Pie

  10. Cherry Pie

  11. Chester Tart

  12. Chocolate and Pear Pie

  13. Chocolate Lemon Tartlets

  14. Classic Custard Tart

  15. Classic Mince Pies

  16. Classic Syrup Tart

  17. Cranapple Pie

  18. Damson Rum Pie

  19. Edinburgh Tart

  20. Festive Bakewell Tart

  21. Glazed Apricot Tart

  22. Glazed Pear Pie

  23. Hot Lemon Tart

  24. Last-Minute Mincemeat

  25. Lemon Cheese Tart

  26. Lemon Meringue Pie

  27. Lemon Whisky Tart

  28. Maids of Honor

  29. Manchester Tartlets

  30. Melting Raspberry Pie

  31. Minted Apple Pie

  32. Mississippi Mud Pie

  33. Party Mince Pie

  34. Peach and Orange Pie

  35. Peach and Raspberry Pie

  36. Pear and Orange Pie

  37. Pear Meringue Pie

  38. Pecan Pie

  39. Pumpkin Pie

  40. Rum Butter Tartlets

  1. Shoo-Fly Pie

  2. Strawberry Custard Tartlets

  3. Spiced Carrot and Sultana Pie

  4. Spiced Syrup and Apple Tart

  5. Syrup Date Tart

  6. Tarte aux Pommes

  7. Tarte Tatin

  8. Traditional Apple Pie

  9. Yorkshire Apple Pie

  10. Yorkshire Curd Tartlets

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