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Flan Desserts Recipes

Flan Desserts Recipes

Some of the most versatile desserts you can make. Whether the bases are made out of sponge, pastry (paste) or crumbs, they can hold a whole variety of glorious fillings from fresh glazed fruit to rich chocolate cream. You can, of course, use ready-made flan cases (pie shells) for any of these recipes, but do try making your own. You won't believe the difference.

  1. Almond Pear Flan

  2. Apple and Custard Flan

  3. Apricot and Ginger Flan

  4. Apricot Chiffon Flan

  5. Apricot Quark Flan

  6. Autumn Fruit Crumble Flan

  7. Banana Cream Flan

  8. Banana Grape Flan

  9. Banoffee Pie

  10. Basic Pastry Flan Case

  11. Basic Sponge Flan Case

  12. Blackcurrant Whip Flan

  13. Butterscotch Beauty

  14. Chocolate Flan Case

  15. Chocolate Gooseberry Flan

  16. Chocolate Lemon Flan

  17. Chocolate Mallow Pie

  18. Chocolate Mint Crisp Flan

  19. Coffee Crunch Flan

  20. Double Chocolate Flan

  21. Egg Nog Flan

  22. Glazed Orange and Lemon Flan

  23. Hedgerow Flan

  24. Kids' Favorite Flan

  25. Lemon Flan

  1. Magali

  2. Mallow Mincemeat Flan

  3. Orange Crunch Flan

  4. Pink Grapefruit Custard Flan

  5. Raspberry Buttercrisp Flan

  6. Strawberry Delight Flan

  7. Sweet Pastry Flan Case

  8. Tangy Cheese and Rhubarb Flan

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